Okay, I get it. No one wants to see a negative, politically charged post on their wall, but there are times when we have to say something and this is one of those times.

As a nation, as a human race, we're looking down the barrel of a gun pointed at the head of the world, hammer cocked back, in the hands of two men who's awareness is deeply rooted in the fight/flight and reactive primitive brain responses of our caveman ancestors.

Whether their threats and boasts are nothing but monkey dancing and egomaniacal posturing doesn't matter. Bluffing or not, no good will come of this inflammatory rhetoric; the stakes are too high.

However, I wonder, how many of us have truly considered the potential consequences of a nuclear conflict? Having grown up in the latter part of the Cold War, I was educated in what a post nuclear war world would be like and it is simply put, unthinkable. If an "ICBM exchange program" begins, even if it doesn't escalate to other nuclear-capable nations it will be catastrophic beyond our ability to imagine, for the victims, for the environment, and for the world.

Some of may find temporary comfort in looking away, pretending it's nothing to be concerned about. I beg you to think again. The danger is very real.

Look around you right now and recognize the impermanence of our way of life. Our society, our culture, our families – all those things we hold dear are incredibly fragile. All of this could be wiped out in a moment – sparked by a rage filled tweet in the wee morning hours…

This is not the normal behavior of a mature and well adjusted leader. Grown, mentally healthy adults don't act this way, and every one of us knows it. Our leader is demonstrably and clearly unfit to manage this situation and to lead our nation. His lack of military, diplomatic, foreign policy, executive, legislative, and judicial experience, coupled with his narcissistic and egomaniacal personality have all the makings of a disaster of literally global proportions.

At what point will this behavior no longer be acceptable, not from a republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal perspective, but from a human one? When will we collectively say, "No more. You do not speak for us. We will not follow you down that road any longer" ?

Of course, the other leader is equally unhinged. But here's the thing, if we're going to be worthy of the title of the Greatest Nation in the Free World, the onus is upon us to take the highest road possible, to have the most mature, most enlightened perspective in times of crisis. When a fire is beginning to burn, our duty as an evolved nation is to find every means possible to extinguish the fire. Not pour more emotional and rhetorical fuel onto the blaze. The enlightened leader always seeks to avoid conflict if possible, rather than ignite one. Our leader is emotionally incapable of making this choice.

If the CEO of a million dollar company or a military leader behaved this way, he would undoubtedly be removed from his position. Yet we wait. We're told to give him a chance…
Where is our courage? Where is our strength as a society to stand up and take action? Are we too stuck in our political ideologies to cross the isle for the sake of our humanity and the future of our way of life? Or will the headstone of our culture and society read: "They waited to see what would happen."

The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict…[an individual] who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

– Martin Luther King Jr.