Paris 11/13

November 14, 2015

In the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris this evening, I had hoped I would have had something profound and meaningful to say, some way to make sense of the senseless, to give hope to the hopelessness, and purpose to the helplessness I’m certain many of us are feeling right now. Unfortunately I don’t have any words of wisdom like those I often quote in my posts. Tonight I only have a heart broken by tragedy and grieving from the loss of life.

Despite that heartbreak, I vow not to be helpless, to feel paralyzed by and trapped by the cold emotions of fear, anger, and hatred. Because if we are to survive as a species, we must rise above these emotions and constricting mental states, for they are the same emotions that fuel the attackers. Clearly, these responses don’t work for establishing lasting peace in the world. They never have. And if we want a better world, we have to find a better way.

We must recognize that we are the result of millions of years of evolution, growth, and development and it’s long past time to start acting like it physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Deep down, no matter how much of a hard ass you might think you are, no one wants to live in a world filled with violence, pain, and suffering, perpetually stuck in the primitive survival mentality of the fight or flight response. Peace is our birthright. When will we, as human beings choose to claim it? 

While we must protect ourselves, the true and lasting change always comes from within. When we master ourselves, we stop our enemies not from a place of rage or vengeance, but from a place strength that says, “I will not let you inflict harm on others because it destroys the values and meaning of all we have achieved as a race; therefore, I will fight you with my last breath.” This is what it means to be a true warrior, an enlightened protector of the way of life we have worked so hard to achieve. To do otherwise is to fuel a cycle of violence that will never end.

So tonight I pray that we all seek the highest version of ourselves we can become, to not let these attacks fuel the monster of tribal hatred and rage, but rather to come together in solidarity as protectors of our way of life in a free and evolving society that stands for safety and peace for all sentient beings.

May peace prevail. Om Shanti.

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